Smoke gets in your Eyes

Smoke in Alberta today, drifting up from Washington Fires.

Red Sun0007 SunCloud2074 SunCloudSmoke2079

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Time Laps

This is my first try at time-laps photography. It is really quite easy if you use the right camera. I have a Pentax K 70 with an interval setting. The time was set for 10 second per shot and to take 300 shots. this worked out to 6 shots per minute and would take 50 minutes to complete.

There was a chance of showers and it started to sprinkle, but no down pour.

So now with this one “Clouds Go By” I a’m going to try others.

The end

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Morning Walk

The weather has improved to the point that you don’t have to ware gloves on the morning walk. This helps when handling the camera controls for every shot. The sun had still not cleared the eastern ridge which gave an eerie feel to the horizon.

Morning Ridge 2596sm

Along the lake, not a lot of activity. Only a few ducks floating on the quiet water. As the ice has now mostly disappeared and the wind has subsided there is a calm that is seen in the reflections of the mountains and shore line.

Morning Lake 2643sm

The melting snow at higher elevations has increased the flow of all the streams and small creeks. The stream flowing through our quiet little village has a couple of spots where a photographer can spend an enjoyable time creating a keeper to share.

Morning Creek 2571smMorning Creek 2595smMorning Creek 2580sm

So at the end of the walk there was mostly cloud cover that makes for a dull day, but I know I have some good shot to look through when I get home and have a warm coffee.




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Blue Sky

It’s amazing how better you feel when the blue sky come out from behind the constant cover of clouds.

This time of year (March) the sun’s rays are very quick to warm what ever they comes into contact with. You begin to feel that there is more to life than freezing temperatures and frost.

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Vancouver Drive Bys

Some classic cars cruising the streets.

Car 0179We have been in Vancouver the last couple of days. Here are a few of the drive bys that I have captured as we travel in the sub.

Black Ford 0027 Black Ford 0031

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Prairie Farm Report

If you grew up in Saskatchewan you will remember the Prairie Farm Report on television. I enjoyed the farm inventions segments, being a city kid I was fascinated by the large machines and the shops in which the farmer/mechanic/inventors worked.  



Remember to take the road less traveled. You will find more than the usual.  

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Rocky is watching me.


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Rock Mountian

The mountain behind us has snow sticking to lesser slopes and the shadows don’t have snow only rock.

Stone Mount 0014 lrg




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